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GX7610 Peelable Hologram Film with hologram effect is our new colour under MagicSkin-Nano Film. A semi-transparent paint film, that produces multi-coloured iridescent effect generated by the reflection of light.

Like a prism, the light is defragmented by the paint, and these iridescent colour reflections appear in a precise order (the rainbow colours) depending on the angle of view and the painted surface curves.

Another innovative product from Gox7 Team.

Product Information
400ml per can in 12cans per box.

Features / Benefits
> Excellent Glossiness Effect

> Ideal for exterior and interior application

> Maximum protection in term of scratch and chemical resistance

> The heat resistance temperature is up to 250’F

> Waterproof paint film with wash ability and eases the removal of dirt and grime

> Create a magnificent and spectacular multi-coloured iridescent effect generated by the reflection of light

> Kick away the hazards cleaning and wasteful sanding off process with Magicskin for your garage projects; protects the environment by saving on chemicals and energy – no waste of resources



*The appearance of these colours may vary, please refer actual colour chart.

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